Former assistant accuses George Santos of sexual harassment in the United States

Republican deputy son of Brazilians is involved in a series of controversies involving alleged lies and irregularities

WIN MCNAMEE / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFPGeorge Santos, American congressman, son of Brazilians

The Republican Deputy George Santosson of Brazilians in the U.Sis accused of sexual harassment by a former assistant, derek meyers, who made a publication on social networks last Friday, 3, saying that he registered a report with the Capitol police and a complaint with the congressional ethics committee regarding ethical violations and also sexual harassment by the parliamentarian . Derek was not a deputy to the parliamentarian on a voluntary basis, but he did not work with him for a long time. He expected to be hired, which did not happen. In the publication in which he makes the complaint, the former assistant says that on January 25, in the office of George Santos, he was alone with the parliamentarian, who would have questioned him about a possible profile on a social network for relationships between gay men . He said that he too was asked by Santos if he wanted to be interested in going with him to karaoke. In addition, the deputy also allegedly patted Derek Meyers’ crotch and said that his husband would not be in town at that time. The complaint is made in the midst of other controversies that George Santos is involved in. The New York Times has made a series of accusations, also talking about lies and irregularities in George Santos’ curriculum.

*With information from reporter Camila Yunes

Source: Jovempan

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