Paris police investigate alleged rape of Brazilian woman in front of Eiffel Tower

Tourist was accompanied by her sister when they met two men on Saturday night, 4; crime occurred when they were no longer together

JOEL SAGET / AFPCrime took place in the gardens in front of the Eiffel Tower

French police are investigating a report of rape by a Brazilian woman in front of Eiffel Towerin Paris. According to information from the French newspaper Le Parisien, the crime occurred in the early hours of last Sunday, 5. At the time, the victim was accompanied by her older sister, who also suffered sexual assault in the same place. They registered a police report about the case and said they met two men on Saturday, 4, and consumed alcoholic beverages. The behavior of the two changed at the end of the night, when the sisters were no longer together, according to the publication. One of the victims claimed one of them rubbed his hands on his buttocks and was scolded by the woman. He fled the scene. The woman went after her younger sister, found a few meters ahead. She was lying down, with another man on top of her, and with her pants down, according to information in the local newspaper. The suspect fled towards a black car as soon as the woman approached. Also according to the newspaper, mabas were in a state of shock when the police arrived. Victims cried and had difficulty speaking French. The police took the victims to the police station where they reported the crime. The case is being investigated by the 3rd district of the Paris Judicial Police Directorate.

Source: Jovempan

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