From Istanbul to Marseille, “my mother forbade us to speak Armenian in the street”

“My mother is from the first generation of genocide survivors. His father was born in the mountains, during the mass deportations that Armenians suffered in Anatolia between 1914 and 1923. He migrated to Istanbul in 1935, at the age of 18, to find work. He became a tailor, got married and had two daughters, including my mother, Rita. At that time, the Great War was over, but the tolerance of the Turks was “relative” towards the Armenians. In Istanbul, the Armenians had their quarters, their churches, their schools. But they did not mix with the Turks.

The Armenians of Marseille, an intimate story

Throughout the XXe century, the Armenians landed in Marseilles to flee wars and exterminations. Their descendants are now fighting for the survival of their country of origin, whose existence is once again threatened. In addition to our report on the Armenians of Marseille, “L’Obs” publishes the

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