Family is rescued alive from rubble in Syria and crowd celebrates; watch video

White Helmets, responsible for the rescue, classified the operation as a ‘true miracle’

EFE/EPA/YAHYA NEMAH Rescuers search for survivors under the rubble of a building that collapsed after an earthquake in Idlib, Syria

An entire family was rescued alive in the Syria after being buried in the rubble generated by the earthquake that happened in the early hours of Monday, 6th. to see people celebrating the rescue, and every family member who is taken out alive, it is possible to hear a choir. “A true miracle… the sounds of joy embrace the sky… unbelievable joy. An entire family was rescued from the rubble of their home this Tuesday afternoon, February 7th, in the village of Bisnia, west of #Idlib,” the White Helmets wrote on Twitter. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Syria and Turkey and more than 11,200 people died, according to the latest figures that have been released. Hundreds more are injured. Emergency teams from both countries face crucial hours to find survivors among the rubble of the powerful earthquake. In a scenario of cold and devastation, rescuers, aided by the first emergency teams from other countries, fight against time to find people alive. The Turkish interior ministry warned that the next 48 hours would be “crucial” to find survivors. Ankara declared seven days of national mourning for earthquake victims.

Source: Jovempan

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