What if a Chinese spy balloon flew over France…

Imagine that a spy balloon flies over France and that Emmanuel Macron has to deal with the same problem as Joe Biden. What would happen? What decisions would the French president be likely to make?

On February 4, the Chinese spy balloon which had flown over the United States in the stratosphere, that is to say at an altitude of about 20 kilometers, was shot down by a US Air Force F-22. It was then above the Atlantic Ocean, ten kilometers from the coast of South Carolina. Its debris could not therefore fall on inhabitants or dwellings. The precaution was necessary, since, according to the Pentagon, the airship was gigantic: it was 60 meters high and carried a load as imposing as an airliner.

It was the “Gazette” of the city of Billings which launched the alert on the 1is February, by publishing the first photos of the balloon flying over the city, the largest in the state of Montana. The news spread within hours around the world. The Pentagon reacts by announcing that it has been following the path of the Chinese craft for several days.

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Source : Nouvelobs

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