‘Chinese peace plan can be basis for conflict resolution’, says Putin

Leaders met this Tuesday, the 21st, and signed agreements on the strategic relationship between the countries; they also agreed that nuclear war must never happen ‘ever’

Pavel Byrkin / SPUTNIK / AFPRussian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping hold eyeglasses during a reception after their talks at the Kremlin in Moscow

In a meeting held with the Chinese president, Xi Jinpingin the Grand Palace of Kremlinthis Tuesday, 21, the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, stated that the peace plan for the Ukraine presented by China can serve as a basis for a future solution to the conflict. “Many of the points included in China’s peace plan are in line with Russian positions and can serve as a basis for a peaceful agreement,” Putin said, alongside the Chinese, after signing 14 cooperation documents in areas ranging from the economy to energy. atomic energy, passing through media and scientific research. “When the West and Kiev are ready for him. Even because, for the time being, we do not see such willingness on their part”, added the Russian, who also said that countries can find a solution even for the most complicated problems, completed the Russian official. For his part, Xi assured that China is committed “to peace and dialogue” and “actively supports reconciliation and the resumption of negotiations” between Russia and Ukraine, non-existent since the last attempt in the spring of 2022 by the Turkish president. , Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “I would like to point out that, in the search for a solution to the Ukrainian conflict, we invariably rely on the UN statutes and stick to an objective and impartial position”, he highlighted. The leaders also agreed that “nuclear war must ‘never’ happen”. “The parties declare again that there can be no winners in a nuclear war and that the latter must never be unleashed,” they said. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping in a joint message, stressing that such a confrontation would only leave losers.

In its peace plan, China advocates, on the one hand, Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, the cessation of hostilities and the resumption of peace talks, and, on the other hand, that Russia’s security concerns be taken into account. in the face of NATO’s advance. In addition, it calls for the lifting of sanctions adopted by the West against Russia due to the so-called “special military operation”. Regarding the Chinese initiative, Kiev warned that, before implementing it, Russia must withdraw its troops from Ukrainian territory, referring to the fact that Beijing’s plan does not allude to the illegal annexation of four Ukrainian regions by Moscow. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is looking forward to talking with Xi via video link once his trip to Moscow is over. However, the Kremlin ruled out possible contact between the leaders. “The Americans said they understand that the Chinese president is now busy with a visit to Russia. I also think he’s busy with that. I don’t think there will be talks with Kiev today or tomorrow,” Yuri Ushakov, the Kremlin’s adviser for international affairs, told Russian public television. Both Kiev and the West have urged the Chinese leader in recent days to use his influence over the Kremlin to stop hostilities in Ukraine.

At this Tuesday’s meeting, Russia and China were “concerned” with NATO’s growing presence in Asia. “We are concerned about the growing strengthening of ties between NATO and the countries of the Asia-Pacific region in relation to military and security issues”, indicated Putin and Xi, accusing the Atlantic Alliance of “undermining regional peace and stability”. Moscow and Beijing “are against the formation of exclusive closed blocs in the Asia-Pacific region”, they highlighted, denouncing “the negative influence of the United States strategy, guided by a Cold War mentality (…) on peace and stability in that region ”. Leaders also expressed a desire to use the Chinese yuan in place of the dollar as a response to the economic blockade imposed on Russia. “We are in favor of using the Chinese yuan in agreements between the Russian Federation and countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America,” Putin said.

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