What Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin really expect from their meeting

Xi Jinping left Moscow on Wednesday March 22, after a three-day official visit to his “friend” Vladimir Putin. At the end of a meeting with great fanfare, the Sino-Russian partnership seems more unbalanced than ever – Vladimir Putin has also affirmed that Russia is “a bit jealous” of Chinese prosperity.

On the Russian side, the meeting was timely for President Putin, the day after the judgment of the International Criminal Court against him. From this visit, he hoped in particular for a gas agreement, which he obtained. This provides for the creation of a new gas pipeline to transport Russian hydrocarbons to China, which the Europeans no longer want. He also hoped for arms contracts, including drones and ammunition – which he did not obtain. Proof that China continues to walk on eggshells: on the one hand, supporting its Russian partner, with whom it poses as a counterweight to American power. On the other, avoid exposure to US sanctions by delivering strategic materials.

The astonishing Chinese peace plan in Ukraine

For Xi Jinping, it was a question of presenting himself to the non-Western world as the neutral and credible mediator of a new world order to compete with the current international governance, which he perceives as infiltrated by American interests.

His visit to Moscow allowed him to highlight the Chinese peace plan for Ukraine, communicated on February 24th. Extremely vague, the text insists on territorial integrity, while referring back to back the two belligerents, as if their responsibility in the conflict were similar. Objective achieved, since Vladimir Putin endorsed the press release. “We believe that many points of the peace plan proposed by China […] can serve as a basis for a peaceful settlement [du conflit] »he commented.

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