Encroached on Bukovina and Serpentine: RLI explained what is behind the scandalous statement of the Romanian senator and why there are problems in the GRU of the Russian Federation

Senator of the Romanian Parliament Diana Shoshoackewhich proposed to annex part of the territory of Ukraine, became a member Russian military intelligence operations. This move by Moscow “lies on the surface” because the GRU of the Russian Federation in Europe is going through a deep crisis, and its “tricks” are becoming more and more primitive.

This is stated in the material of analysts of the Robert Lansing Institute (RLI), published on March 23. According to experts, claims to the historical area in the Carpathians Maramures may indirectly indicate that the initiative was formed in Moscow, since it was Hungary encroaches on Maramures as an integral part Szekely region – the unrecognized autonomy of the Székelys (an ethnic group of Hungarians) on the territory of Romania.

The operation of the GRU of the Russian Federation in Romania contains numerous inconsistencies due to the fact that the functions of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation are entrusted to military intelligence. Since 2014, the latter has been operating in Europe too primitive and she fails to properly conceal her involvement.

According to the RLI, the operation involving Shoshoak is “a simple copy of propaganda in the media” launched by the head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service about Poland’s possible plans to annex part of Western Ukraine.

“It is likely that efforts to attract the senator Shoshoakeh are part of multifaceted operationthe next step of which should be to justify Russian aggression against Ukraine,” analysts say.

Shoshoaka’s thesis that her bill is allegedly based on the “natural and legal right to national unity” repeats the Kremlin’s narratives about the alleged legitimacy of claims to the territory of Ukraine.

However, the Shoshoaké initiative paves the way for territorial claims of Hungary to the land of the Székelys, which Budapest regards as part of its cultural space.

Previously, Shoshoak had already been repeatedly noticed with participation in disinformation operations of the GRU of the Russian Federation. Yes, she claimed that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky allegedly asked NATO to take a direct part in the war.

She was also accused in Romania of links to the Sputnik platform, which is linked to the GRU and is used to carry out undercover operations and interference with activities in the countries where its agents reside. This platform named her “Romanian Politician of the Year 2021”, which may indicate the Kremlin’s interest in Shoshoaka’s political career.

In March 2022, Shoshoake, together with three deputies, met with Ambassador of Russia in Bucharest, discussing Romania’s position on the Russian invasion. There was no consent to the meeting from the leadership of the Romanian Parliament. One of the deputies, Dumitru Coarne, was later expelled from the PSD party.

Shoshoakeh is also known for her statements about the need Romania’s exit from the EU and the ban on the deployment of NATO forces in the country, as well as her fight against COVID restrictions, as a result of which she became one of the key figures movements against vaccinations in Romania.

This fact once again confirms the connection of Shoshoake with the GRU of the Russian Federation, which has carried out the main work to discredit Western vaccines and state policy to contain the pandemic, RLI believes.

It is possible that Shoshoake came to the attention of Russian intelligence as a former member of the far-right neo-Nazi anti-Semitic pro-Russian party. “Alliance for the Union of Romanians” (AUR), from which he was expelled for disagreeing with his strategy.

However, in further statements, Shoshoaké never contradicted the positions expressed by the AUR, so her exclusion was likely the result of intra-party contradictions and the search for a new career path. Thus, it is likely that the GRU of the Russian Federation supported it during this period, analysts say.

Source: Obozrevatel

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