Man runs over pedestrians at airport in Germany and is detained by police

Author of the crime, aged 57, appears to be a person with mental disorders; he kept circling the parking lot and bumping into other vehicles

Cologne Bonn Airport in Germany

On Friday, the 24th, a man apparently intentionally ran over several people in front of a parking lot at Bonn/Cologne airport, in Germany. The driver of the vehicle, 57 years old, is, by all indications, a person with mental disorders, according to information collected both by the newspaper “Bild” and by the news channel “ntv”, and had already been expelled twice from the airport because of your behavior. Still according to these media, the exact number of injured is unknown at the moment. The “ntv” channel points out, citing police sources, that none of the people run over suffered serious injuries. After the incident, the driver resisted the approach of the police forces and attacked at least two agents. After being finally detained by the police, he was admitted to a hospital that will assess his mental state. The hit-and-run happened around 9:30 am and the car was rented. “The man stole the vehicle, drove first in a car and then reversed in an Audi at full speed,” said police spokesman Christoph Gilles, who also reported that the man drove the vehicle into the parking lot and crashed into all cars that passed in front of the hood. A total of seven vehicles were damaged.

Source: Jovempan

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