Who is Andreas Malm, true mastermind of radical ecologists?

Very followed by the radical ecological movement in Sweden, the writer Andreas Malm, 45, was in Paris on Monday, at the invitation of his publisher. It is this man who theorized in his writings the violent mode of action which punctuated the mobilization against the basin of Sainte-Soline last Saturday.

He is a figure relatively unknown to the general public in France. At 45, Andreas Malm is one of the thought leaders of radical ecologists. This Swedish writer notably theorized the concept of violent action to bring the environmental cause to the fore. A modus operandi seen last weekend in Sainte-Soline in Deux-Sèvres where the demonstration against a project of mega-basins descended into violence. Andreas Malm also met activists from the Earth Uprisings, the movement behind this mobilization.

His message seduces part of the far left

His activism began in the 90s when he committed himself to the Palestinian cause and against American imperialism. Andreas Malm then participated in civil disobedience movements before taking the turn of radical ecology. For the past ten years, he has been one of the main theoreticians of the genre. Getting public opinion to accept the principle of sabotage for the climate cause is his main battle horse.

And his message obviously finds a certain echo in France. He particularly appeals to some of the far-left activists and has even been invited twice since the beginning of the year to the Institut La Boétie, the think tank of insubordinate France. Each of its meetings in France is also closely followed by the intelligence services. The latter are concerned to see activists, until now moderate, becoming receptive to the concept of material degradation which they may consider legitimate if not illegal.

Source: Europe1

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