Argentina began to massively deny Russians a residence permit: they warn about deportation

Migration Service Argentina began to massively refuse Russian citizens to extend their tourist stays and issuance of a residence permit. Refusal is explained by the need for registration visas after 90 days of travel.

The head of the consular department of the Russian Embassy in Argentina told the Russian media about this. Georgy Polin. According to him, it is still about dozens of cases.

At the same time, some Russians issued an order urgently leave the country “under the threat of initiating a procedure deportations“.

Polin said that the Russian representation in Argentina “is aware of the situation.”

He added that the country’s authorities justify the refusal bilateral agreement on visa-free travel.

According to this agreement, citizens of Russia with ordinary passports can stay in Argentina without a visa no more than 90 days over a period of 180 days.

To stay longer or start work, you need visa.

In early March, Bloomberg reported that more than 22,000 Russians had entered Argentina since 2022. The country has gained particular popularity for tribal tourism – Argentina issues citizenship at the place of birth.

– A Russian tourist was disgraced by a racy photo against the backdrop of a sacred mountain in Bali. The video provoked a scandal, now the Russian is being deported.

– A Russian journalist complained that he was refused service in a Ukrainian restaurant in Warsaw. In the network, the majority called the act of the Ukrainian bartender justified and called the Russian Federation a rogue country.

– A blogger from the Russian Federation Mikhail Litvin complained that in Courchevel he was insulted by tourists from Poland. The Pole man condemned the Russians for supporting the war and said that the Ukrainians were defeating the aggressor’s army.

Source: Obozrevatel

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