Brazilian band survives after tornado hits concert venue in the US; video impresses

Apollo Theater roof collapsed shortly after the Crypta performed; group motorhome was destroyed

Members of Crypta reassured fans after tornado hit theater where they performed

Brazilian heavy metal band crypt managed to get out alive after the roof of the Apollo Theater, in Belvidere, in the U.Scollapse when hit by a tornado. The artists performed at the venue on Friday night, the 31st, shortly before the collapse that resulted in the death of a 50-year-old man and left 28 injured. In a statement posted on social media, the Brazilian band reassured fans: “We are alive and safe! All bands on tour are safe and well! Thank you for worrying! A tornado hit the venue as soon as we left the stage, we lost our motorhome, but we’re fine.”

Crypta’s vocalist and bassist, Fernanda Lira, posted on Instagram stories that the group’s house on wheels was completely destroyed. This Saturday morning, the 1st, the artist announced that she and the other members of the band are in a hotel. “It’s snowing outside. We don’t have clothes to face this climate, everything was in the motorhome, which is destroyed, ”she commented. As disclosed by CBS, local authorities reported that warning sirens sounded at 7:24 pm. Several buildings in the area were hit, but the theater suffered the most damage. About 260 people were inside the Apollo Theater to watch the shows scheduled for Saturday night. Belvidere Police Chief Shane Woody said that when police arrived at the theater they found a scene of “absolute chaos”.

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