Justin Trudeau, the indestructible of Canadian politics

We are in 2023 AD. All the democratic West is occupied by impatient voters, ready to tumble their leaders… Everything? No ! A country resists again and again the waltz of the leaders. Canada. If there was an Asterix of world politics, his name would be Justin Trudeau.

The story does not say if the Prime Minister had taken a glass of magic potion on May 4, in Ottawa, announcing before the Liberal Party convention that he would wear his colors again during the next federal election. “When Canadians are faced with an important choice at this crucial time, it will be the honor of my life to guide us and continue to build a better future”, he promised. The event went almost unnoticed abroad and did little to inflame Canada. It is, however, extraordinary.

Justin Trudeau has been head of government for

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Source : Nouvelobs

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