Husband Zaghari-Ratcliffe on hunger strike, health at risk

The health conditions of Richard Ratcliffe, husband of the Anglo-Iranian Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, arrested in Tehran in 2016 and detained in the Middle Eastern country on the basis of controversial accusations first of espionage and then of hostile propaganda, after the man goes on, are worrying in a hunger strike that began 17 days ago, demonstrating in front of the Foreign Office in London. This is what we read in the media in the United Kingdom, according to which friends and activists close to Ratcliffe’s cause, who are asking for a greater commitment of the British authorities to unblock the situation and therefore allow the release of his wife, argue that his parameters ( pressure, heart rate etc.) and the conditions in which he lives (sleeping on the street) begin to be alarming and, in the opinion of the doctors, could soon suffer long-term physical damage.
The husband of the jailed Thomson-Reuters Foundation employee led a similar protest outside the Iranian embassy in London, but it ended after 15 days and took place in the summer. Foreign Minister Liz Truss yesterday spoke on the phone with her Iranian counterpart, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, in what the latter called “a useful phone call”. However, the minister reiterated the request that the United Kingdom urgently repay a debt of 400 million pounds to Tehran, which has been pending since the 1970s.
Ratcliffe also protests for this dispute to be resolved.


Source From: Ansa

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