Gb: BoJo proposes draconian reform for parliamentary rules

(ANSA) – LONDON, NOVEMBER 16 – The move by conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson comes as a surprise, proposing a draconian reform of the rules on conflict of interest for parliamentarians, thus trying to stem the ‘malpractice’ scandal (sleaze) that has hit the his party.

The prime minister calls for a ban on members of Westminster from the activity of paid political advisors as well as lobbying, as well as suggesting that the House of Commons code of conduct be updated so that MPs who do not focus adequately on their own voters are “investigated and properly punished”.

The initiative was launched after today the Tory majority completed the humiliating backtrack after attempting to save former minister Owen Paterson (later resigned from deputy by his choice), approving an amendment freezing his position and calling for a review of the rules adopted by the Westminster disciplinary body. With a motion passed to the lower house, the amendment lapses.

At the opening of today’s debate, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Minister of Relations with the House of Commons (or Leader of the House), expressed “regret” and admitted the “mistake” in the Paterson affair. In this regard, the former conservative premier Theresa May also spoke on critical positions, recalling the “damage” caused to Parliament.

Johnson’s remedial move also served to contain the opposition’s offensive. Shortly before the premier’s announcement, Labor leader Keir Starmer had proposed to vote a motion precisely to ban parliamentarians from carrying out paid consultations. “We will carefully consider the prime minister’s proposals,” said the Labor secretary in response to Johnson’s initiative. (HANDLE).


Source From: Ansa

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