France: 100 dead cats discovered in the home of a pensioner

(ANSA) – PARIS, 06 DEC – A hundred cat corpses were discovered yesterday at the home of a pensioner living in Nice, in the south of France. In addition to the dead cats, there were another twenty or so still alive, but in poor health. The corpses, most of which had been stored in sealed plastic or wooden boxes, were discovered after this 81-year-old man was hospitalized, according to the NIce-Matin newspaper.

Several animal defense associations were alerted by the old man’s granddaughter who discovered the corpses around the house and also inside it, as well as the remains of squirrels, mice and a dog jaw. “Considering the position in which they were found, most of the cats were already dead when they were placed inside the boxes, but we think that at least two have been locked up alive,” Philippe Desjacques, president of the La Tribu association, told France Presse. du Fourmilier. The body of a cat probably devoured by his fellows was found on the sofa at home. Instead, another twenty cats found still alive inside the house, but stunted or in dramatic health conditions, were saved by veterinarians and volunteers. “Unfortunately, there are stories like this every year”, explains Desjacques, according to whom the retiree suffered from Noah’s syndrome, which consists of collecting more animals than he is able to host or feed properly as well as the syndrome of Diogenes, which involves the compulsive accumulation of objects. The associations intend to file a complaint for “mistreatment” of animals or negligence, said Desjacques. (HANDLE).


Source From: Ansa

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