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Assange: his partner, ‘had a mini-stroke in prison’

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Julian Assange had a mini-stroke in his cell in late October, according to Stella Moris, the wife of the founder of Wikileaks in prison in Britain and who risks extradition to the United States where a trial for espionage for the diffusion awaits him. online of thousands of classified documents and emails on US military and diplomatic activity.
The incident, which occurred on October 27, was a transient ischemic episode, during which blood flow to part of the brain of Assange, 50, was briefly interrupted, who is being held in a maximum security prison near London. since April 2019 after spending over seven years locked inside the London Embassy of Ecuador.
“I think this game of chess, battle after battle, this extreme stress was the cause of Julian’s cerebral vascular accident,” Moris said.

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Source From: Ansa

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