Omicron: the queen gives up Christmas in Sandringham

(ANSA) – LONDON, DEC 20 – Queen Elizabeth, 95 years old – remained mostly at rest by order of the doctors in the last two months in a period in which she avoided travel of any kind and also underwent a rare hospitalization of 24 hours for unspecified medical examinations – he will not spend next Christmas at the Sandringham country residence in Norfolk, as is traditionally done with the rest of the royal family. The British court announced today against the background of the surge in Covid infections fueled by the Omicron variant, specifying that the sovereign will instead remain in Windsor Castle during the celebration of the holiday.

The court had already announced in recent days the renunciation by His Majesty of the custom of the Christmas banquet extended to his extended family.

A palace source quoted tonight by the PA agency for its part specified that the cancellation of the transfer to Sandringham, a residence very dear to Elizabeth II and to the memory of Prince consort Philip, who died almost a centenary this year, was taken after an evaluation attentive to the health situation and in the name of a “precautionary” approach to the developments of the pandemic. The source added that the queen will still receive visits from the heir to the throne Charles and other close family members in Windsor for Christmas, while respecting all “necessary precautions” and “guidelines” set by the government. (HANDLE).


Source From: Ansa

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