Iraq: bad weather risks, dozens of families evacuate to Erbil

(ANSAMed) – BEIRUT, DEC 21 – Dozens of families from the outskirts of Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan in the north of the country, were evacuated overnight for fear of new floods after those which in recent days have caused the death of 12 people , including women and children.

This was reported by the civil protection of Erbil, quoted by Rudaw TV. According to sources, the families were evacuated for fear that their homes could be hit by mud, water and debris as happened last week, when hundreds of homes in the suburbs of the city were overwhelmed by the flood caused by the incessant rains. .

All over Kurdistan, New Year’s events and celebrations have been canceled as a sign of mourning for the victims in mid-December. (ANSAMed).


Source From: Ansa

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