CNN: ‘Saudis manufacture ballistic missiles with help from China’

Saudi Arabia is building its own ballistic missiles, with the help of China: this is what the US broadcaster CNN claims, which in an exclusive report states that US intelligence agencies have been informed about a series of clues collected, including which satellite photos, classified.
If confirmed, the hypothesis would complicate the situation in the Middle East, also modifying the strategic equilibrium, while the Western powers, led by the US, are trying to bring under control the nuclear program of Iran, the historical arch-enemy of Arabia. Saudi. And it could aggravate the tension between the Biden administration and China.
Until now, CNN writes, it was known that Riyadh, which does not receive assistance in this field from Washington, had bought missiles from China, but had never tried to build their own. The satellite images shown by CNN would refer to the Al Dawadmi site and show a well used to burn solid ballistic missile fuels.
According to CNN, “US executives from various intelligence agencies, including the National Security Council at the White House, have been kept abreast of classified intelligence information in recent months, which reveals multiple large-scale transfers of sensitive missile technology. ballistics between China and Saudi Arabia, according to informed sources “.
CNN has consulted the Beijing Foreign Ministry in this regard, which stated, in a statement, that China and Saudi Arabia are “all-round strategic partners” and have maintained “friendly cooperation relations in all fields, including that of military trade. Such cooperation – added Beijing, quoted by CNN – does not violate any international law and does not include the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction “. As for Riyadh, the news has not been commented on so far, adds the US broadcaster.


Source From: Ansa

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