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    Djokovic admits: “Wrong travel declaration provided”

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    Novak Djokovic admitted in an Instagram post that the travel declaration issued to border authorities upon his arrival in Australia contained incorrect information, having stated in the Covid questionnaire that he had not traveled in the previous 14 days, while in fact he had traveled to Australia. Spain from Serbia.

    The tennis player, who after a first victory in court is still awaiting the final decision of the Canberra government on the visa to stay in the country and participate in the Australian Open, spoke of a “human and certainly not voluntary error” of a member of his staff. stating that “new information” has been provided to the Australian authorities to “clarify this issue”.

    The champion further claimed to reject “misinformation” regarding his public outings in Serbia despite a positive PCR test for Covid-19. Djokovic, who described the allegations as “very painful” for his family, said he learned of the December 16 test result only the day after his participation in a youth tennis event. But he also admitted that he then gave an interview to the French newspaper L’Equipe when he was already aware that he had been infected.

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    Meanwhile the decision of the Australian government on the possible expulsion of Novak Djokovic seems destined to postpone further. “Djokovic’s lawyers have recently provided additional lengthy presentations and supporting documentation, which should be significant in relation to the possible cancellation of Djokovic’s visa. This will further affect the timing,” reports Chris O’Keefe of 9 News on Twitter. Australia.

    Djokivic’s mother takes the field in defense of her son – Novak Djokovic probably “was not aware” of the positive result of the Covid-19 test when he attended an event in Serbia without a mask. His mother said this in an interview with the Australian television channel Channel 7. The world’s No. 1 tennis player, not vaccinated, was seen in Belgrade on December 16, after the positivity to Covid. On 17 December, the Serbian Federtennis announced on their Facebook page that “the best tennis player on the planet” had awarded cups and diplomas to young players on the same day. The post contained several photos of Djokovic with federation officials and about 20 teenagers, all without masks. “He probably didn’t know – that he was positive for Covid-19 at the time, his mother Dijana claimed – He didn’t know because when he realized he was positive he isolated himself”, he added, stressing that it would have been better to ask his son for confirmation. in person. According to his mother Dijana, the possibility still exists that the Serbian champion will be expelled from Australia, although the hope is that the son will be able to stay and defend the title at the Australian Open in Melbourne.

    The violation for an interview – After discovering that he was positive at Covid, on 18 December Novak Djokovic violated the planned isolation by meeting reporters from the Equipe in Belgrade for an interview. The Serbian tennis player himself admitted this on Instagram. “I didn’t want to disappoint the reporter, but I made sure to maintain social distancing and to wear a mask, except when they photographed me. After the interview I went home for the expected period of isolation, but looking back it was a mistake. judgment and I admit that I should have rescheduled the commitment “, wrote Djokovic.

    The reporter: “He didn’t tell me it was positive” – The French journalist from the Equipe who interviewed Novak Djokovic in Serbia last December 18 had not been informed that the tennis player was positive for Covid. In an article published by the same French sports newspaper, reporter Franck Ramella explains that he learned of the infection only after the tennis player was arrested in Australia. The journalist then says that he was asked not to ask questions about vaccines during the interview, which lasted about 30 minutes and was organized as part of the awarding of the Equipe Champions Award to Djokovic. The reporter also reports that the Serb wore the mask during the interview but took it off during the photo session for the prize, as admitted by the tennis player himself. Ramella then adds that he was negative in a test carried out yesterday.

    Risks 5 years in prison – Djokovic could face up to five years in prison in Australia. According to The Sunday Morning Herald and The Age, the country’s authorities are analyzing the discrepancies in the information provided by the Serbian tennis player, who admitted among other things that he had made an incorrect travel declaration for the country through a member of his staff. entry into Australia and violating Covid isolation in Serbia. The maximum penalty for those who provide false evidence, the media emphasize, is a sentence of five years. “We can reveal that the Department of Internal Affairs investigation into the tennis star has been expanded to include his violation of the Serbian isolation rules, misrepresentations on the Australian entry form relating to travel and inconsistencies on the date of his stay. test for Covid-19 “, write the Australian newspapers.


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