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    Troops remain: Russia made a dangerous decision after negotiations with NATO

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    Vladimir Putin’s press secretary declared NATO an instrument of confrontation

    / Photo: REUTERS

    NATO is approaching Russian borders, Russia cannot put up with this, Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, said in an interview with the CNN television company, Interfax reports.

    “NATO is not a dove of peace and stability. NATO is an instrument of confrontation. This instrument of confrontation has begun to get closer and closer to our borders every year,” Peskov said.

    “Red Lines” of Russia

    A spokesman for the Russian president said that Russia observed “a gradual NATO invasion of Ukrainian territory with its infrastructure, instructors, defensive and offensive weapons.”

    “This brought us closer to the red line, to a situation that we could no longer put up with,” he stressed.

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    Peskov noted that NATO in the early 1990s gave guarantees of non-expansion to the east, although there was no legally binding document. According to him, after some time, everything began to happen the other way around, and the Alliance began to approach the borders of the Russian Federation.

    “The United States began to deploy various weapons systems, various launchers and so on closer and closer to our borders every year. All this led to a situation where we began to feel threatened by this, and our national security was threatened,” — he said.

    Relations between Russia and NATO have come to the “red line” due to the Alliance’s military support for Ukraine, Peskov also said. According to him, the Russian side received a lot of information about the promotion of the NATO military infrastructure to Ukrainian territory, the supply of defensive and offensive weapons, and the training of the Ukrainian military. According to Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Russia “cannot tolerate” this situation any longer.

    Troops will not withdraw

    Peskov also said that Russian troops stationed along the perimeter of the borders with Ukraine, the concentration of which caused fears in the West of the imminent start of a full-scale invasion of this country, would not be withdrawn from the border.

    “We consider it necessary to keep troops there, given the tense situation and the very unfriendly climate created by various NATO military aviation exercises, NATO reconnaissance aircraft, NATO military infrastructure approaching our borders,” Peskov said.

    Putin vs. Ukraine in NATO

    • On January 12, negotiations were held within the framework of the Russia-NATO Council, at which Moscow’s demands were discussed – to abandon the expansion of the Alliance and in no case accept Ukraine there. The Kremlin also demanded guarantees that the West would not place weapons and military bases near Russia. On January 10, negotiations on the same topic were held between the United States and Russia.
    • Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov threatened with countermeasures if Ukraine joins NATO. According to him, this poses a danger to Moscow.
    • Russian President Vladimir Putin is afraid that NATO will deploy missiles in Ukraine that can fly to Moscow in 5-10 minutes. At the same time, he warned that if “the obviously aggressive line of Western colleagues” continues, Moscow will take “adequate retaliatory military-technical measures.”


    Source From: Segodnya

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