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Brazil: vast operation in Rio for the pacification of favelas

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(ANSA) – RIO DE JANEIRO, 19 JAN – In Brazil, the government of the State of Rio de Janeiro this morning launched ‘Cidade Integrada’ (Integrated City), the new project, announced in May 2021, for the occupation by authorities of the ‘favelas’ still in the hands of organized crime.

The action, with 1,200 men, began in Jacarezinho, in the northern area of ​​the city, where in May 2021 a police operation ended with 28 deaths, the deadliest in the history of the state. The slum is dominated by a faction of drug trafficking.

In the middle of the morning, another contingent of law enforcement officers went to Muzema, a sub-district of Itanhangà, in the West Zone of Rio, dominated by the paramilitary militia. The region is the same one where two irregular buildings collapsed in 2019 killing 24 people.

So far the task force sent to the scene has arrested 32 people, one of whom was an escaped bank robber. There have been no reports of armed clashes, the G1 portal reports.

Integrated City is a sort of reformulation of the pacification police unit (Upp) program, created in 2008.


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Source From: Ansa

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