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North Korea: amnesty to celebrate leaders’ birthdays

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North Korea has granted amnesty in favor of those convicted of “crimes against the country and the people” in view of the main celebrations in honor of the 110th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-sung, founder of the state and ‘eternal president’, and 80 years of ‘dear leader’ Kim Jong-il.
The decision, reported the KCNA news agency, was taken by the Standing Committee of the Supreme People’s Assembly, the Parliament of Pyongyang, with the aim of making the measure operational on January 30 together with the promise that the government and competent bodies will adopt ” practical measures “to help beneficiaries re-enter society and return to a normal working life.
The birthday of Kim Jong-il, father of the current leader Kim Jong-un, falls on February 16 and that of grandfather Kim Il-sung on April 15: both are the most important holidays in the calendar of the hermit country.
The amnesty is part of the leadership’s efforts to promote social unity amid chronic economic difficulties, fueled by the country’s closure to block Covid-19, and to increase loyalty to the leader, who is just over 10 years old. in power. The North announced a similar provision in August 2020 for the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Workers’ Party.
Meanwhile, the Politburo held a meeting yesterday and promised to “celebrate the upcoming holidays in a meaningful and auspicious way”, turning them into “important political occasions”. Although the KCNA has not provided other details, everything suggests that the solemn military parades could be held.
Earlier in the week, North Korea resumed freight train operations across the border with China, after more than a year and a half of an anti-pandemic lockdown, for the shipment of essential materials before the Lunar New Year holidays.

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