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Storm Ana, 70 dead in Madagascar, Mozambique and Malawi

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(ANSA) – ANTANANARIVO, JAN 27 – The death toll caused by Ana, a tropical storm that hit Madagascar, Mozambique and Malawi, rises to 70, while rescue teams are fighting to repair damage to infrastructure and help tens of thousands of victims. Torrential rains and landslides hit Madagascar, then Mozambique and Malawi on Monday, killing 41, 18 and 11 respectively.

Aftermath of the storm there were also in Zimbabwe, which, however, did not register any fatalities. In the three African countries hit by Ana, on the other hand, tens of thousands of houses have been damaged, some collapsed due to heavy rains, with the inhabitants trapped in the rubble.

Bridges were swept away by swollen rivers, livestock drowned and fields flooded, thus destroying the livelihoods of rural families.

In Madagascar there are 110,000 displaced people and in its capital, Antananarivo, schools and gyms have been transformed into emergency shelters.

In northern and central Mozambique, Ana destroyed 10,000 homes, dozens of schools and hospitals, causing electrical outages. In neighboring Malawi, the government has declared a state of natural disaster. (HANDLE).

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Source From: Ansa

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