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Stock Exchange: Europe goes up again, good futures, eyes on Zew, Milan + 1%

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Hydrogen for greener Olympics in Beijing (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, FEBRUARY 15 – The main European stock exchanges are all up, driven by US futures and confidence in a possible diplomatic solution to the crisis between Russia and Ukraine. London earns 0.99%, Milan 1.15%, Frankfurt 1.19%, Madrid 1.23% and Paris 1.41%. The Zew index is coming, which measures confidence and economic conditions in Germany and the Eurozone, on the day when the Eurogroup meets and the data on employment, GDP and the trade balance of the Eurozone are released. In the US, instead, API advances on weekly crude oil stocks are expected, with the barrel falling sharply (Wti -1.91% to 93.65 dollars). Gas is also slipping (-5.41% to 76.4 euros per MWh, and, among metals, iron is sinking (-6.25% to 728 dollars a ton). The dollar is weak against the euro and sterling, instead stable on the yen.

Purchases on all fronts starting from the banking one, with Banco Bpm (+ 4.17%), Bper (+ 3.69%), Bnp (+ 3.08%) and Bbva (+ 2.37%) in evidence . Unicredit did well (+ 1.5%), Inbtesa was more cautious (+ 1.3%).

In light of the automakers Renault (+ 3.3%), Stellantis (+ 2.06%) and BMW (+ 1.77%) together with the Glencore (+ 4.19%) and ArcelorMittal (+3.72) miners %), which created a joint-venture in Spain with Enagas and Fertiberia on hydrogen.

The spread between BTPs and Bunds rose to 169.8 points, with the Italian annual yield growing by 2.9 points to 1.995%. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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