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    Have gas prices slowed down? How much does fuel cost at gas stations and who is refueled without a queue

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    We tell you what is happening with fuel prices in Ukraine and which gas stations have limited the sale of gasoline.

    All about the situation at gas stations / Photo: Collage: Today

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    It is already the fifth day since the introduction of martial law in Ukraine, and one of the most important issues is the shortage of fuel and its cost.

    “Today” found out how much petrol and diesel cost at Ukrainian gas stations and what is the situation with the deficit.

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    So, the popular network of OKKO gas stations sells A-95+ gasoline for 38.99 UAH / l, A-95 for 36.75, a liter of A-92 can be purchased for 35.99, diesel will cost 35.99 UAH. At WOG gas stations, prices are the same.

    At the gas station “Ukrnafta” the following prices:

    • A-95+ – 35.5 UAH/l;
    • A-95 – 35 UAH / l;
    • A-92 – 34 UAH / l;
    • DP – 34 UAH / l.

    At the Avias gas station, the price of fuel is as follows:

    • A-95+ – 35.45 UAH/l;
    • A-95 – 34.95 UAH / l;
    • A-92 – 33.95 UAH / l;
    • DP – 34 UAH / l.

    / Photo: auto.ria.com

    Gas station restriction

    We also remind you that OKKO and WOG gas stations have limited the sale of gasoline to 20 liters in one hand.

    There are no restrictions at other gas stations yet, but vehicles of special services and critical infrastructure will be refueled out of turn.

    Some gas stations have completely switched to work for the needs of the State Emergency Service and the army, for example, Glusco. SOCAR gas stations announced that they will refuel cars of the State Emergency Service and ambulances free of charge.

    Earlier we wrote that Belarus stopped supplying fuel to Ukraine and told how people reacted to the introduction of martial law in Ukraine.

    Source: Segodnya

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