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“Diya” has been updated again – what service is now available to Ukrainians

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Now one of the services that was canceled after the introduction of martial law is again available for Ukrainians on the Diya portal

“Diya” returns access to its services / Photo: Getty Images, Diya, Collage: Today

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Some services on the portal and in the Diya application have been unavailable since the beginning of martial law in Ukraine due to the shutdown of state registries for security reasons. Now the work of resources is gradually being restored, and Diya is returning some of its services.

Now Ukrainians can again open an LLC on the basis of a model charter. This was reported in the press service of “Diy”.

How to use the service

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Now you can open an LLC online. To do this you need:

  • go to the site “Diya” and log in;
  • fill out an online form;
  • select the necessary options for the model charter or the “default” edition of the charter;
  • check the data and sign the documents using the CES (electronic signature).

In addition, users can opt for a simplified taxation system and apply for registration as a Value Added Tax (VAT) payer.

The application will be sent automatically. The results of consideration of the application can be found in the user’s personal account on the portal or from the message that should be sent to the e-mail.

How to close FLP through “Diya”

Earlier, “Today” reported that “Diya” resumed the service of making changes or closing FLP. To make changes to the FLP, you need to:

  • go to the portal “Diya”;
  • log in with an electronic signature or BankID;
  • fill out an online form;
  • check the data and sign the application with the CEP (qualified electronic signature).

But to close the FLP, you need to take the following steps on the portal:

  • log in and go to the “Closing FLP” section;
  • click the “Order in 2 minutes” button;
  • “Дія” will pull up the necessary data, after which it should be checked and signed with an e-signature.

Also, “Today” wrote how to apply for compensation for damaged property in “Dії”, and also that the loss of housing will be compensated not only with money.

Source: Segodnya

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