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In Milan bread on reservation to leave prices unchanged

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The war in Ukraine continues to raise the prices of food raw materials. In Milan to contain prices, the Artisans Union has put in place a campaign to ask bakers’ customers to reserve bread the day before purchase or to schedule their purchases weekly. Thus begins the campaign ‘A phone call cuts the price of bread’.
“We want to guarantee an acceptable price for bread for consumers. The only possible way is to save on production costs, which are at least doubled with previous collections, avoiding waste – explains Stefano Fugazza, the president of Unione Artigiani. , third generation of bakers with historical activity in the Lambrate district – if we can plan the customers’ purchases, and therefore our consumption, we will avoid throwing away flour, we will turn off the ovens first and we will also save ourselves a few hours of night work. of all these items, translated into money, would allow to keep the final prices under control and at this moment, to many colleagues, to save the activity.
We therefore suggest to the bakers to hang the posters we have prepared in the shop and to begin patiently to ask for the cooperation of the most loyal customers “. (ANSA).

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Source: Ansa

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