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A sharp jump in just a couple of days: gas stations in Ukraine raised prices for all fuel

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We tell you what is happening with fuel prices at the most popular gas station networks in Ukraine

Prices at Ukrainian filling stations went up / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

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Filling station chains in Ukraine increased fuel prices between April 29 and May 2 immediately after the government increased marginal trade markups.

This is stated in the monitoring data of the Consulting Group “A-95” for enkorr.

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At popular gas stations WOG and OKKO, A-95 gasoline added 1.95 UAH/l in price and now costs 36.05 UAH/l. Diesel fuel at these gas stations has risen in price by 2 UAH / l, up to 40.66 UAH/l.

Ukrnafta stations also raised prices, including A-92 gasoline prices rose up to 35.05 UAH/l, A-95 – up to 36.05 UAH / l and diesel fuel – up to 40.66 UAH/l.

The general situation looks like this:

Photo: enkorr

Photo: enkorr

Fuel shortage

Due to the actions of the Russian occupiers, an extremely serious fuel shortage has formed in Ukraine. Therefore, gas stations such as OKKO and WOG will sell fuel with certain limits.

In the WOG network, they will now fill only 10 liters of gasoline in one car per day, and with a certain condition. 10 liters can only be obtained if available PRIDE loyalty cards.

And OKKO introduced completely different rules. Clients who have fish card, can refuel with PULLS 95 and PULLS Diesel fuel – from 10 liters per car, and those who do not have a card will receive a maximum of 5 liters of such fuel.

This forced step will ensure the right of first priority refueling of automobile defenders, doctors and other critical infrastructure services.

Segodnya also wrote that an online map with working filling stations appeared in Ukraine, and told how they would solve the shortage problem.

Source: Segodnya

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