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    Month of life in Madrid: how much will transport, food and housing cost in Spain

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    We tell you how much a month of living in Spain costs – the whole truth about work, the cost of food and housing

    Spain has quite affordable prices / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

    Because of the war, many Ukrainians who sought asylum abroad left for Spain. Warm climate, sea, relatively inexpensive living makes this country a popular destination.

    The site “Today” will tell you how much a month of life in Spain costs.

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    According to preliminary calculations, the total cost of living in this country for two people with an average level of needs for one month will be approximately 1056 dollars (approximately UAH 30.8 thousand at the rate of May 14), excluding the cost of housing.

    Product prices

    The cost of products in Spain is relatively low, some items are even cheaper than in Ukraine. To compare prices, we selected TravelTables statistics on the cost of goods in Spain updated in March and updated data from the Ministry of Finance in May.

    Comparative table of the cost of products in Spain and Ukraine
    Product Product price in Spain Product price in Ukraine
    Milk, 1l 24.40 UAH 32.90 UAH
    Loaf of white bread 29.76 UAH 22.70 UAH
    White rice, 1 kg 30.30 UAH 53.03 UAH
    Eggs, 10 pcs 43.1 UAH 31 UAH
    Hard cheese, 1 kg 285.58 UAH 305.90 UAH
    Chicken fillet, 1 kg 179.93 UAH 119.90 UAH
    Beef tenderloin, 1 kg 323.65 UAH 239.48 UAH
    Apples, 1 kg 50.41 UAH 13.09 UAH
    Bananas, 1 kg 46.66 UAH 47.90 UAH
    Potatoes, 1 kg 30.03 UAH 11.88 UAH

    It should be noted that the pack cigarettes in Spain the average price is 158 UAH, a bottle guilt – 158 UAH.

    A cup of cappuccino in a cafe will cost you 48.80 UAH, and in general, food in an inexpensive restaurant for one will cost an average of 317 UAH.

    The cost of renting a home

    You can use Booking or Airbnb to find accommodation. You can also look for options on the Idealista website. Housing in Spain is almost the biggest expense item.

    If we evaluate the average prices for renting apartments in Italy, we can say:

    • one-room apartment in the city center will cost UAH 18.3 thousand;
    • one-room apartment away from the center – UAH 13.5 thousand;
    • three-room apartment in the city center – 29 thousand UAH;
    • three-room apartment further from the center – approximately 21 thousand UAH

    Consider prices in the capital Madrid as an example. According to Airbnb, you can find housing for one from $700 to $2,000 (UAH 20,400-60,000).

    Rent price

    Rent price / Photo: Airbnb

    Utilities cost on average UAH 3.5 thousand (basic utilities in the 85 sqm apartment, including electricity, heating or cooling, water and garbage collection).

    Public transport and mobile communications

    A single ticket for public transport will cost the equivalent of 44.51 UAHmonthly pass UAH 1.3 thousand

    If speak about Taxithen the boarding fee is approximately 95.19 UAH, each subsequent kilometer 33.52 UAH The cost of 1 liter of gasoline – 37.27 UAH on average.

    The cost of mobile communications without discounts and special tariffs for 1 min – 5.09 UAHInternet 60 Mbps will cost an average of 1.1 thousand UAH per month.

    Work for Ukrainians

    Jobs in Spain in the field of information technology and communications, engineers are presented on the sites:

    The PMFARMA website has been created to search for jobs for physicians and physicians. The EMPLEOENTYRISMO website is designed for employment in the tourism and hospitality industry.

    You can also find jobs on the Jooble website.

    Now in Spain they offer the following vacancies for Ukrainians:

    Data from the Institute of Statistics Spain
    testify that in average
    residents of the country earn 1829.13 euros per month (before tax).

    Help for refugees in Spain

    Every Ukrainian crossing the border with the EU automatically receives the status of temporary protection. With it, refugees can go to any EU country and live there.

    Citizens of Ukraine who are not able to support themselves on their own can count on a place in the Spanish Refugee Reception Centers. Otherwise, it is possible to independently rent accommodation or a room in a hostel or hotel.

    Volunteers offer free private accommodation in different cities in Spain. You can find an ad or apply on special websites of official volunteer organizations. For example, on the page “Prihistok” https://prykhystok.in.ua/ you can find free housing provided by the Spaniards.

    For support, contact Refugee Reception Centers (OARs).

    Recall that earlier we told how much a month of life costs in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Germany, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Canada and Italy.

    We also wrote which states pay allowances to Ukrainian migrants.

    Source: Segodnya

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