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    Does Oschadbank impose loans on pensioners? What happens in bank branches

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    An outraged client complained about the illegal activities of bank employees during the war


    Ukrainian pensioner spoke about the unpleasant situation in the bank branch / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

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    During the war, an actual service for many Ukrainians was the issuance of credit cards. However, not all people need them, although bank employees can actively impose them.

    A client of Oschadbank wrote a review on the website of the Ministry of Finance and complained that when replacing a pension bank card in one of the branches in Kyiv, they imposed a credit card on him.

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    The man stressed that he refused the service, and the bank employees insisted. The pensioner added that forcibly issuing credit cards is prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine.

    “I have not used a credit card and I am not going to. I tried to close the credit account imposed on me in the same branch, but they demand to activate the credit (withdraw some amount)”the client explained.

    The resident of Kiev was indignant at the constant provision of services by the bank, which he did not ask for. The man wrote a written statement, but the department did not accept him.

    What do they say in Oschadbank?

    Representatives of Oschadbank responded to the client’s complaint. The pensioner was assured that the issuance of a credit card is not mandatory.

    “Sorry if the employees provided the information incorrectly”– noted in the financial institution.

    The client was offered a solution – to transfer information about himself directly to them, and the responsible persons will check the situation in order to prevent the recurrence of such misunderstandings.

    No money in occupation

    Recently, a client of PrivatBank discovered that all accounts in her personal account were blocked. A Ukrainian woman spoke with representatives of the institution online and found out that the bank had terminated the contract with her.

    To collect the money, the woman was told to come personally to the branch of PrivatBank. However, she cannot do this, because she lives in the temporarily occupied territory, where hostilities are taking place.

    “There is no way to get to a bank that works, and knowing this, the bank decided to appropriate my money,” – Confident client.

    PrivatBank employees said they rely solely on the laws and requirements of the NBU. Accordingly, her service is limited, and in order to transfer money to an account in another bank, she needs to come to the branch.

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    Source: Segodnya

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