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In Ukraine, the maximum gasoline prices have been raised: how much will we pay for fuel

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The cost of gasoline increased by 33 kopecks, and diesel fuel rose by 64 kopecks

Ukrainians will raise gasoline prices / Photo: Collage: Today

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The Ministry of Economy has announced the new cost of gasoline and diesel fuel, from which gas stations will be able to set their markup in early October.

As stated on the website of the Ministry of Economy, the cost of gasoline increased by 33 kopecks, and diesel fuel rose by 64 kopecks.

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Thus, the estimated price of gasoline reached UAH 26.50 per liter, and diesel fuel – UAH 23.23 per liter. The cost of gasoline at a filling station cannot exceed 31.50 hryvnia per liter, diesel fuel – 30.23 hryvnia per liter.

The average cost of gasoline and diesel fuel was determined based on the calculations of NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine.

What are gasoline price caps

In May of this year, during the quarantine period, the government decided to introduce price regulation for non-premium gasoline and diesel fuel. This decision was made to prevent unreasonable price increases. The cost of premium fuel and autogas is not regulated.

The ceiling price includes the average cost of fuel and a margin, the amount of which is limited for diesel fuel not exceeding 7 UAH per liter, and for gasoline – not more than 5 UAH per liter.

By the way, gasoline and diesel cars may soon disappear from sale in Ukraine.


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