Pnrr: awarded first tender to upgrade 5G networks in Italy

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With the assignment of 725 million euros, activities to enhance 5G technology in Italy start, with over 11,000 mobile radio sites that will be connected by optical fiber by 2026. Italy will therefore be the first country in Europe to have mobile networks 5G entirely bound in optical fiber, essential to guarantee very high speed and minimum latency everywhere. This was announced by the ministry of technological innovation and the digital transition, specifying that public incentives cover up to 90% of the costs of implementation.
This is, the dicastery recalls in a note, of an initiative of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) for the development of 5G which, together with that for the densification of radio-mobile sites being awarded by the end of the month, it will guarantee very high-speed mobile connections throughout the national territory.
“With the assignment of the first tender for the development of 5G, we are even closer to completing the Government’s plan to connect all of Italy with very high-capacity networks – comments the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition, Vittorio Colao – The incentives promoted represent a unique case in Europe: we are in fact the first country to provide for a public intervention for the mobile market that favors the development of cutting-edge technology in areas where there is no interest in investing. This – notes Colao – also thanks to the commitment of private sector companies which, together with the Government, are investing in the various initiatives of the Plan to achieve this important goal. The billions we have already allocated in order to have, by 2026, a country connected to the best European levels “.

Source: Ansa

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