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    The war of debts does not forgive? What will happen to those who do not pay utility bills

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    The expert told why it is important to pay utility bills even during the war


    Some Ukrainians can not pay for a communal apartment / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

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    The situation with debts for a communal apartment in Ukraine is getting worse every day. Our fellow citizens already owe more than UAH 100 billion for consumed services. During the war, this issue is exacerbated, since not all conscientious payers have the opportunity to pay off payments.

    “Today” learned from an expert whether utilities can be turned off for debts during the war.

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    So, according to an expert in the field of housing and communal services Kristina Nenno, according to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, from February 24, 2022, it is forbidden to stop the provision of certain public services to the population, even if they are not paid.

    “Therefore, no utility provider has the right to turn off because the consumer does not pay for any reason, but everyone must clearly understand that all utilities are working and you need to pay for services, if possible,” says Nenno .

    Besides it is forbidden to charge any fines and penalties for late payment of services.

    Who can’t pay?

    There are three cases in which you can not pay for utilities at all, and debt will not even accumulate for this.

    Firstly – if your home is destroyedin this case, local governments conduct a survey and all this information is transmitted to enterprises providing relevant services.

    “We should not forget that we have billing systems that make charges automatically. In this case, all adjustments will be made from the moment the house was destroyed,” the expert says.

    In this case, you need to report to the police, and in parallel, you can contact the TsNAP or any notary to file an application that the housing is damaged.

    Secondly, recalculation can be made if a person She has not been in her home for more than 30 days. In this case, you can require recalculation of payments for gas and water supply (if there are no meters) and for the removal of household waste.

    Please note that recalculation can only be achieved for services that were provided after February 24, 2022, notes Christina Nenno.

    Well, the third case is cities where she herself local authorities have allowed a certain time not to pay for utilities, for example, residents of Chernihiv could not pay for March and April for certain types of services.

    Why is it important to pay?

    Nenno notes that, if possible, it is necessary to pay for all housing and communal services, since Ukrainians must understand that public utilities are working and have been working all this time, even under fire.

    “They have always worked and where possible they even took out the garbage. And everyone should understand that, where possible, this area needs to be supported, because if public utilities do not have a salary, they will not even be able to feed their families,” the expert urged.

    We also wrote earlier that it is not worth accumulating debts, since the war will end, but no one will write them off for you just like that, unless, of course, you fall into one of three categories.

    Segodnya previously wrote that some utility tariffs could be frozen in Ukraine and told why the next heating season would be very difficult for the whole country.


    Source: Segodnya

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