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    Safe and out of town: how much does it cost to rent a house for the summer

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    We tell you what are the prices for renting a house outside the city in different parts of Ukraine

    If in Western Ukraine the cost of rent has increased, then in the Kyiv region, on the contrary, it has fallen / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

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    The summer season this year for Ukrainians does not seem the same as usual. The war has made its own adjustments to the life of each of us. Therefore, when choosing a place of rest within the country, people are guided by the level of its safety and the cost of renting housing. We are talking about summer houses outside the city.

    According to OLX Real Estate analytical data, this year the number of proposals, for example, in the Kyiv region, breaks all records. In May-June-2022 advertisements for the rental of suburban real estate 88% more than the same period in 2021 – about 5.5 thousand.

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    There are also many suggestions:

    • in the Dnipropetrovsk region – 989 units;
    • Lvovskaya – 846 offers;
    • Transcarpathian – 705 offers;
    • Odessa — 495 offers.

    How much does it cost to rent a country house?

    If we talk about the most budget options for renting a house, and this is only a part of it, then its cost in different regions of Ukraine, with the exception of Transcarpathia, does not exceed 4-5.5 thousand hryvnia per month.

    However, if compared with last year, the cost of rent in the western regions of Ukraine increased, while in the Kiev region it sank to a record low – by almost 40%. Despite this, such housing in the capital region is still the most expensive in Ukraine.

    If we compare life in the mountains and at sea, then in the Odessa region it will be 2-3 times cheaper to rent a house than in Transcarpathia.

    You can estimate the average cost of real estate outside the city in different parts of Ukraine using a comparative table:

    The average cost of renting suburban real estate

    The average cost of renting suburban real estate / Photo: olx.ua

    What will happen to the cost of apartments in Kyiv?

    As Yuri Pita, president of the AFNU (Association of Real Estate Specialists), explained to Segodnya, prices in Kyiv will indeed fall, but it is risky to wait for this. Maybe you should buy a house now.

    “If you have nowhere to live and need to buy a house, you need to buy now, don’t wait. There is an opinion that after a while prices will start to decline, so it’s better to wait, but on the other hand, the seller is not in the mood to sell cheaply and is in no hurry to reduce prices , so you can not wait for the moment when it will be cheap,” said Pita.

    He also noted that the demand will be for economy-class housing.

    In addition, we talked about why some should slow down with the sale of real estate, and what to do with real estate in Irpin and Bucha.

    Source: Segodnya

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