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Due to the occupation, crops in Ukraine will decrease – will we have enough food

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We tell you whether there will be a shortage of fruits and vegetables in Ukraine due to the temporary occupation of Ukrainian settlements by Russia

What will happen to fruits and vegetables in Ukraine / Photo: REUTERS, Collage: Today

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In Russian-occupied Ukrainian cities, people are unable to pay for food, farmers cannot sow their land, and the Russians steal the finished crop. Because of this, there are fears that there will be a shortage of fruits and vegetables in Ukraine.

What will happen to the products this year, told the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food.

Some areas have increased planting areas

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According to the department, in 2022 in the context of a full-scale war between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, a shortage of vegetables and fruits is not expected. And there are several prerequisites for this.

“This year, 40 thousand hectares of land were sown in the Kherson region under vegetable crops, which is about 15% of the vegetable harvest in Ukraine. Due to 5 regions of Central Ukraine, which are also the largest producers of vegetables, where the production of these products exceeds 2- 3 times in comparison with other non-occupied regions, in total they will give a harvest at the level of 34.22% of the harvest in Ukraine,” – noted in the Ministry of Agrarian Policy.

Besides, in some areas, the areas planted with products of the “borscht set” have been increased. Thus, the disadvantage due to the occupied areas will be covered.

As for fruit and berry crops, Ukraine has always had their overproduction.

“Therefore, Vinnitsa, Chernivtsi, Khmelnytsky, Dnepropetrovsk, Lviv and Poltava regions, which are the largest producers of fruits and berries, will be able to fully meet the needs of the citizens of our country,” the message says.

The situation will be difficult only with watermelons. They will not be enough due to the occupation of the Kherson region, but partly the shortage will be covered by the harvest of Central and partly Southern Ukraine. Wherein, low prices for watermelons should not be expected.

Therefore, the availability and prices of fruits and vegetables on the shelves will depend mainly on logistics and fuel costs. The rest of the issues will be resolved.

“Through the temporary occupation of the southern territories, Ukrainians can really feel the limited supply of early vegetables and fruits, but not for long, as these crops ripen in Central, Western, Northern Ukraine and from Ukrainian greenhouses, with a delay of two to three weeks, this issue will be resolved “, – Igor Vishtak, director of the Department of Agrarian Development of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, noted.

What to expect from vegetable prices in July

Earlier, Segodnya wrote that the Ukrainian food basket increased in price by 30-35%. Most of all vegetables and berries have risen in price.

At the same time, at the end of June, the cost of food almost does not increase, and already in early July, one can expect a reduction in the price of vegetables. First of all, because the young harvest will ripen in Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Poltava regions. The expert said that already in July, Ukrainians should hope for a stabilization of the situation.

We also talked about what happened in June with the prices of popular vegetables, and explained what inflation is and how it affects our costs.

Source: Segodnya

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