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Work: 285,000 hires expected in August

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Digital Italy climbs the EU ranking but below the average (ANSA)

(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 29 – There are 285 thousand workers sought by companies for the month of August and about 1.3 million for the entire quarter August-October, an increase compared to a year ago but the difficulty continues to grow to find personnel who now account for 41.6% of scheduled recruitments. This is what emerges from the latest Bulletin of the Excelsior Information System, produced by Unioncamere and Anpal.

Compared to a year ago, business forecasts are growing with + 27,000 scheduled hires in the month (+ 10.8%) and + 70,000 in the quarter (+ 5.7%). The comparison with the previous month shows a drop in the demand for work due to the natural seasonality (-221 thousand entries). Business forecasts appear, in any case, also conditioned by the growing uncertainties due to the continuation of the war in Ukraine, due to the increase in inflation. The mismatch is up nearly 9 percentage points from August 2021.

The industry as a whole is looking for 81 thousand professional profiles – up 11.3% compared to a year ago – of which 55 thousand to be employed in manufacturing (+ 3.4% on an annual basis) and 26 thousand in construction ( + 32.9% on the year). The greatest job opportunities in manufacturing are offered by agri-food companies (13,000 expected hires; + 16.7% on the year) and by mechatronics companies (also with 13,000 hires; + 6.4% on the year) , followed by metallurgical and metal products companies (10 thousand hires; -20.3% over the year) and finally by chemical-pharmaceutical, plastic and rubber companies (5 thousand scheduled hires; + 33.3% over the year).

The macro-sector of services plans 204 thousand admissions, an increase of 10.6% compared to last year. This is followed by trade (37 thousand entries; + 19.5% over the year), services to people (36 thousand; + 17.0% over the year) and operational support services for businesses and people (27 thousand; +21.6 % over the year).


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Source: Ansa

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