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    the instructions for benefiting from the new state aid

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    We have until December 31 to take advantage of it: the State is helping individuals to buy an electric bike. From this Monday, the classic premium goes from 200 to 300 euros. Also, another interesting boost, especially for the most modest households, is the doubling of the conversion bonus. Concretely, you have to get rid of your thermal vehicle to be able to buy one or more electric bikes. Europe 1 gives instructions for using this new aid.

    Assistance accessible to several members of the same household

    This new boost primarily concerns households with a taxable income of less than 6,300 euros, and for people with disabilities. For these people, the amount of the conversion premium will double. Thus, if you get rid of your old diesel car or your gasoline scooter, the aid increases to a maximum of 3,000 euros for the most modest incomes, against 1,500 euros for the other beneficiaries.

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    This assistance will be accessible to several members of the same household. This is why in some cases you can have up to two electric bikes.

    The State’s desire to push sales of electric bicycles

    To benefit from this aid, there are two solutions: you have the amount of the premium advanced by the dealer or make an online request via the website of the Ministry of Ecological Transition. By this increase, the State wants to encourage the French to go even faster to electric. “The more aid there is and the more generous it is, the more it actually incites and encourages”, underlines Gary Anssens, founder of the Alltricks company, the leader in cycling in France.

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    “Availability on bikes has not been obvious lately”, he remarks at the microphone of Europe 1, “but it is starting to return to normal at the moment. The planets are re-aligning”, believes Gary Anssens. Who adds: “With the fuel problems that we know and the cost of energy in general, there should be a fairly strong leverage effect in the coming weeks.”

    This may therefore be the right time to switch to an electric bike, especially since from September 1 in Paris, parking your petrol scooter will become chargeable. In 2021, the electric bicycle already represented a quarter of the bicycles sold.

    Source: Europe1

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