War prices: gas above 230 euros in Europe, LNG rally in Asia

(ANSA) – MILAN, AUGUST 18 – The race for energy products on international markets continues, with gas still at the center of the spotlight. The price of TTF futures traded in Amsterdam, the European gas benchmark, is rising again (+ 2.1% to € 230.5 per megawatt hour), with Europe busy filling up its storage in a desperate attempt to avoid a lack of gas during the winter due to a stop in Russian supplies. The gas rush is also having its effects on the Asian market, where the spot price of the benchmark index for liquefied gas reached almost $ 60 per million Btu, the highest since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, and six times the average values ​​for this period of the year.

Oil is also on the rise, with the WTI close to $ 90 (89.3, + 1.4%) and Brent at 95.2 (+ 1.6%), in the wake of the decline in US inventories, which are easing fears of a drop in demand.

Little moved gold (+ 0.4% to 1,769 dollars an ounce), among metals nickel (+ 2.3% to 22,331 dollars) and copper (+ 1.1% to 8,014 dollars) rose in London while the price of American wheat futures continues to drop (-2.7% to $ 740 per bushel) with the agreement for the passage of Ukrainian wheat. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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