Saipem: contract with Osrl for the use of the FlatFish drone

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(ANSA) – MILAN, AUGUST 22 – Saipem and Osrl strengthen their collaboration by including underwater inspection services with the FlatFish drone. This was announced by the Group active in energy engineering, recalling that the contract with Osrl provides for the storage, maintenance, staff training and preparation, including remote emergency intervention, of ‘Offset Installation Equipment’ (OIE). The latter – explains Saipem – is “a unique system in the world, designed to intervene in the event of an underwater well spill in shallow water, up to about 600 meters deep, when direct vertical access is not possible”.

The extension of the service provision agreement includes the use of the FlatFish submarine drone, developed by Sonsub, Saipem’s center of excellence for underwater technologies and robotics. Inn FlatFish Saipem will be able to “carry out a wide range of offshore activities, including inspection, leak detection by monitoring the water column and dispersant concentration, environmental assessment and patrolling”.

The extension of the agreement for Saipem underwater services on behalf of the Osrl consortium, active in interventions in the event of leaks in oil platforms, also includes third-party solutions. A set of technologies that “expand the current offer of services and add value to the members of the consortium, who can now access the advanced features of drones for environmental monitoring”, explains Saipem.

Furthermore, the agreement will allow Saipem to expand the fields of application of the FlatFish submarine drone, thus taking a “fundamental step” towards its commercialization on a global scale. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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