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Stock Exchange: Milan, queen of Europe (+ 0.97%), sprint Saipem and Tenaris

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Euro splash, now worth less than a dollar (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, AUGUST 23 – Piazza Affari (Ftse Mib + 0.97% at 22,380 points) closed at the top of the other European stock exchanges on a sparkling day, with brilliant trades for the period, over 1.6 billion euro of equivalent value. The focus on the upcoming Jackson Hole Fed symposium, scheduled between Thursday 25 and Saturday 27 August, the parity between the euro and the dollar and the rush in the price of gas have kept operators active in a period usually still conditioned by the pause. summer. The spread between German BTPs and ten-year Bunds rose slightly to 231.6 points, compared to 231 points on the eve of the previous year, with the annual yield of Italian bonds up by 1.8 points to 3.628%.

The bazo of crude oil (Wti + 3.18% at 93.22 dollars a barrel) on the hypothesis of a cut in Opec + production has pushed up the classics of the sector, from Saipem (+10.97), to Tenaris ( + 8.84%) and Eni (+ 3.75%), together with Saras (+ 1.46%), among the smaller capitalization stocks.

The banks also went well, thanks to the words of the ECB board member Fabio Panetta, who invited them to “use one of the most important virtues of a central bank, which is prudence” to avert an imminent recession in the Eurozone. . Intesa gained 1.82%, Unicredit 1.61%, Bper 1m4% and Banco Bpm 1.35%. More cautious Mps (+ 0.47%).

Purchases on Moncler (+ 1.84%) and Stellantis (+ 1.36%), more cautious Generali (+ 0.64%), Tim (+ 0.63%), Leonardo (+ 0.61%), Stm (+ 0.51%) and Exor (+ 0.41%). Few minus signs, from Interpump (-1.74%) to Inwit (-1.71%), Campari (-1.46%), Italgas (-1.33%), Recordati (-0.86%) and Snam (-0.58%). Highlights were Sogefi (+ 3.81%) among the smaller capitalization stocks, while Juventus was weak (-5.04%). (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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