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School: the sting is on its way, almost 600 euros for the kit

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Euro splash, now worth less than a dollar (ANSA)

The September sting linked to the purchase of books and school supplies by families is coming. The Codaconswhich also provides data on the dear-school and the expenses that parents will have to face at the start of the new school year.

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On the basis of an initial monitoring carried out by the association, it turns out that for diaries, cases, backpacks and various school materials (notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, markers …), prices are up on average by + 7% compared to last year, following the inflation trend which recorded a marked increase in our country.

This year the price of a branded backpack reaches 200 euroswhile for an equipped designer case (with pens, pencils, erasers and markers) the expense reaches the peak of 60 euros – explains Codacons – Another item that affects the outlay for the kit is that relating to the diary, which this year almost 30 euros for the most well-known brands.

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According to the association, the products that are absolutely more expensive are those signed by influencers, youtubers, football teams and famous people who have launched specific lines for the school. The expenditure for complete material can thus reach 588 euros per student during the 2022/2023 school year, to which must be added the cost for textbooks, another item that will heavily affect the portfolios of Italian families, which varies according to grade. of education and school, with the overall outlay which – including equipment and books – easily risks reaching € 1,300 per student.

At the base of the strong increases that are affecting the school sector there are several factors – explains Codacons – First of all the dear-energy, which aggravates the production costs of school supplies, leading to cascading effects on retail price lists. Secondly, the crisis of raw materials, with the prices of paper, plastic, textiles and adhesives – indispensable for making notebooks, diaries, pens, backpacks, etc. – which have undergone significant increases in the last year. Finally, the higher transport costs caused by the increase in fuel prices.

The association also disseminates a guide to help families save money up to 40% in the purchase of school supplies: do not chase fashions and influencers and avoid designer products; do not be influenced by advertising and keep children away from television; evaluate the offers made by supermarkets that can allow considerable savings on the final expense; do not buy the entire kit immediately and postpone non-urgent school expenses; wait for the instructions of the professors for the purchase of technical material (compasses, dictionaries, etc.); take advantage of promotional offers and fixed price kits.

Source: Ansa

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