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Stock Exchange: Milan weak (-0.3%) with Eni, Tim and Prysmian run

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Work increases, 739 thousand more contracts in 5 months (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, AUGUST 26 – Piazza Affari turns down after two and a half hours of trading, with the Ftse Mib index losing 0.3% to 22,384 points. The differential between German BTPs and ten-year Bunds rose to 230.7 points, with the Italian annual yield rising by 12 points to 3.65%. Crude oil (WTI + 0.65% to 93.17 dollars per barrel) reduces the price while natural gas (-5.57% to 303.5 euros per MWh) falls below the maximum, remaining however above the threshold of 300 EUR.

In vettaTim (+ 1.8%) following the second purchase of shares by CEO Pietro Labriola since he was in office, which brings his portfolio to 1.5 million shares giving a further signal of confidence as the work on the project for the single network. This is followed by Prysmian (+ 1%), which has developed a new technology for high-voltage submarine cables, capable of doubling their transport capacity. They hold Unipol (+ 0.37%), Poste (+ 0.4%), Stm (+ 0.35%) and Stellantis (+ 0.3%). Banco Bpm is holding up (+ 0.12%), while Unicredit (-0.1%), Bper (-0.23%) and Intesa (-0.3%) are down.

Weak Recordati (-1.8%), Campari (-1.77%), subject to taking profits after the acquisition of 15% of Howler Head in the US, and Amplifon (-1.66%). A negative sign also for Terna (-1.27%), Iveco (-1.2%) and Eni (-1.05%), in contrast with the European rivals.


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Source: Ansa

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