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    the Jonak brand plans to increase the price of its shoes “between 6 and 8%”

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    Gauthier Delomez
    1:30 p.m., September 23, 2022modified to

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    2:39 p.m., September 23, 2022

    “100% of the shoe production stages are affected” by inflation, “whether by price increases for transport, energy, raw materials…”, reveals Lisa Nakam, general manager partner of Jonak, a women’s shoe company. guest of France movesshe reports that packaging alone drives up the price of products.

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    “In one year, (shoe) boxes have more than doubled (…). It cost 1.50 euros, it went up to 3 euros. In the cost of a shoe, it’s huge, colossal “, she underlines with Elisabeth Assayag.

    Price increases “all the time”

    This price increase is explained by the inflation of raw materials used for manufacturing, such as leather, wood, steel and everything related to paper, which has also been on the rise in recent days. If Lisa Nakam indicates that the brand has already set the prices for this winter, for the summer, “it is one of the biggest challenges for the company at the moment”, confides the general manager.

    “We have (price) increases all the time,” continues the entrepreneur. “We are restocking models that were ordered three months ago at a certain price, and then, when we are restocking, the supplier tells us 1.50 euros to 2 euros more than three months”, recounts Lisa Nakam on Europe 1. “We are sailing on sight, we are completely blind, we do not know at all what awaits us.”

    The impossibility of covering the cost of production

    According to the general manager, the brand has chosen to maintain its usual prices for the winter. “But on summer prices, we are aware that we will have no choice but to increase it. We have tried to minimize it, so we will be between 6 and 8% increase”, details Lisa Nakam .

    Despite everything, this price increase “will absolutely not cover the entire increase that we will have on the cost of production”, concludes the general manager of the brand. This price increase could therefore be imitated by other shoe brands.

    Source: Europe1

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