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a relief for José-Luis Llacuna, CEO of Duralex

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Baptist Morin
8:16 p.m., November 21, 2022

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Lens maker Duralex, in dire financial straits due to the energy crisis, said earlier this month it was pausing production to save the company from bankruptcy. Roland Lescure, guest of Europe 1 this Monday morning, announced a state loan of 15 million euros to help him. “This will allow us to see the future in a different light,” responded the CEO of Duralex.

A help to get through the winter. While the IMF has estimated that France should stop “whatever the cost”, the state continues to come to the aid of companies in difficulty because of soaring energy prices. Among those who will benefit is the lens manufacturer Duralex. This Monday morning on Europe 1, the Minister of Industry Roland Lescure announced a state loan of 15 million euros. A relief for the CEO of Duralex, José-Luis Llacuna who confides that this aid “will allow (us) to see the future in another color”.

A resumption of activity in April

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“The company would have been in very, very strong financial difficulty. It could have led us to much more drastic decisions than those we took,” he explains. However, production this winter will not be restarted. “But there is also no questioning of the date of April 1 to resume industrial activity, since the energies, from the second and third quarters, have already been purchased by Duralex at more attractive prices”, adds the boss.

The state loan, added to the company’s decision to put its ovens on standby, will, according to its CEO, ensure the sustainability of the company.

Source: Europe1

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