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the Saint-Avold coal-fired power plant has reopened the floodgates… but for how long?

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Melina Facchin
09:28, November 29, 2022modified to

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11:14 a.m., November 29, 2022

The Saint-Avold plant in Moselle restarted production on Monday, after the government’s announcement. A reversal of the situation forced by the war in Ukraine which had major consequences on energy, thus pushing the State to review its copy. Europe 1 went to the East.

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Coal has not said its last word. The Saint-Avold power plant in Moselle restarted its machines on Monday. A production that will be ensured throughout the winter. A rebound after the closing of the doors of the plant last March, by order of the government.

It had been eight months since the Saint-Avold power station had spit out gray smoke. Sylvain Krebs is one of the 68 employees called last March to rethread the apron. “We made the final adjustments at the end of last week and there, it’s off and it’s off to a good start”, confides the manager of the coal fleet. “It’s 100,000 tons of coal a day and we will consume about 500,000 tons all season.” Or a third of the electricity consumption of the Grand Est.

What visibility for returning employees?

GazelEnergie, owner of the plant, however refuses to fall behind on its future plans. “We are continuing our reindustrialization project on carbon-free energies, whether it is the production of renewable hydrogen, the production of renewable heat”, explains its spokesperson Camille Jaffrelot. She adds: “We will be there as long as the network needs us. On the other hand, what is clear is that at some point we will need a strong signal, because all that costs us money. money. But above all, we have our troops who need visibility to know how long they will be able to stay working here to render a service to the country.”

The coal-fired power plant will operate at least until March 31.

Source: Europe1

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