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    New rules for buying real estate: what Ukrainians will receive along with the house

    From October 28, new rules apply when buying real estate in Ukraine, which is now provided for by the contract

    New rules for buying real estate began to operate in Ukraine / Photo: Collage: Today

    On October 28, a law comes into force in Ukraine, according to which the buyer of real estate simultaneously takes ownership of the land on which the house is located.

    This mechanism is regulated by Law No. 1174-IX, which the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted on September 8 and published in its newspaper on the 28th.

    Accordingly, the law comes into force one month after publication, that is, on October 28.

    How does the law work?

    Now, when buying any real estate, except for an apartment in an apartment building, the property buyer or the right to use the land plot is automatically transferred to the buyer of the property .

    This rule applies to both land in permanent use and leased plots.

    That is, the owner or tenant of land selling the real estate located on it must terminate his land use contracts without fail, so that the new owner can conclude them.

    The contracts must be concluded on the same terms and in the same volume.

    The lessor of the land plot is not required to express his will or amend the lease agreement. It is enough to inform him about the transfer of the land plot to a new user.

    What else is regulated by the law?

    According to the text of the law, if the new owner of the property does not have the right to receive a plot of land for permanent use, he must submit a petition to the authorities.

    If only a part of an immovable object is bought, then the owner of this part does not have the right to the whole land, but only to the part necessary for this. He must agree on this with a permanent land user.

    Now, there is no need to conclude a separate contract for the sale of land, the new agreement on the acquisition of property will also stipulate land issues.

    If an unfinished construction object is purchased, then the right of ownership or use of the land plot arises only if the rights to such an object have already been registered.

    Unfortunately, Law No. 1174-IX does not regulate the further fate of the land if its previous owner did not have the appropriate rights to it or he did not register the right to use it.

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