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The dollar can overcome the psychological mark: what can Ukrainians expect

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The dollar exchange rate in Ukraine by the end of 2023 may increase and again step over the “psychological mark” of UAH 40. Experts suggest that it may settle at the level of 45 hryvnia/dollar. However, this is the most pessimistic rogue. According to the most optimistic, the rate may even fall below the current level of UAH 38.35/38.79 (buy/sell) – up to UAH 36.6.

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At the same time, in the near future, according to the head of the analytical department of IC Concorde Capital Alexander Parashchey, the value of the dollar is likely to remain at its current level. But there is also a serious risk: the “dollar” will noticeably rise in price if the “grain agreement” is not extended.

The action of the grain corridor gave additional foreign exchange earnings from the export of grains and oilseeds in the amount of $1.5 billion. Suspension of the corridor will create a deficit in the interbank market and, as a result, the dollar may increase, Parashchy warned.

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What will happen next

For their part, experts from various organizations predict that by the end of 2023, the dollar exchange rate may range from UAH 36.6 to UAH 45. In particular:

  • Concorde Capital – they predict the dollar for UAH 36.6 at the end of the year;
  • Oxford Economics – UAH 39;
  • Dragon Capital – UAH 43;
  • IER/GET – 42 UAH;
  • Morgan Stanley – 45 UAH;
  • Sense Bank – 43 UAH;
  • ICU – UAH 40.2

What is the current rate

On March 17, Ukrainian banks set the dollar at an average level of UAH 38.35/38.79 (buy/sell). This is for 5 kopecks. more expensive to buy and 4 kopecks. – on sale than the day before.

Among large banks, the most expensive purchases of US currency are made by Ukreximbank and Sens Bank – UAH 38.4 each. The cheapest is in OTP Bank, UAH 37, as well as Ukrgasbank – UAH 37.5 each.

The highest exchange rate was put up for sale in Sberbank – UAH 39.15, as well as Ukreximbank – UAH 38.99. The lowest is in Ukrgasbank, UAH 38.5, and PrivatBank, UAH 38.55.

On the black market, the exchange rate was set at an average level of UAH 38.65/38.76 (buy/sell). This:

  • for 7 kop. more expensive to buy than the day before;
  • for 6 kop. more expensive to sell.

The official dollar rate, according to the National Bank, remains fixed. It is 36.56 UAH.

As GLOBAL HAPPENINGS reported, according to People’s Deputy Daniil Getmantsev, in February the hryvnia’s cash exchange rate against the dollar noticeably strengthened. In particular, the weighted average rate of cash sales operations amounted to UAH 39.89/USD, and by the end of the month – UAH 38.94/USD. This is the lowest rate since the summer of 2022.

Source: Obozrevatel

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