Ukrainians are obliged to pay taxes themselves: how much

Ukrainians, in addition to the official salary, had additional income, they are required to fill out a declaration at the place of their registration and pay additional taxes on their profits. Most often, we are talking about 18% (for some incomes, the rate may be lower).

This was reported by the State Tax Service of Ukraine. Yes, the law provides for cases when Ukrainians must pay taxes themselves. The employer pays tax on wages instead of an employee, but you will have to report on other income yourself.

“Submitting a declaration and paying the appropriate taxes and fees is the constitutional duty of citizens,” the tax office said. It is difficult to control such income, because it is the responsibility of every Ukrainian. You need to pay 18% for rental income, payment for independent professional activity, foreign income. There is no need to pay tax on material assistance paid by international organizations or the state.

Ukrainians are obliged to pay taxes: this is money for the army, education, health care. The high level of the shadow economy does not allow the state to fully develop. And during a full-scale war, paying taxes is a matter of national security.

It should be noted that in the budget of Ukraine the main item of expenditure is defense and security. The law prohibits funding the army through loans and international grants. Because the Ukrainian military receive a salary from the taxes of all working Ukrainians.

By the way, you can file a declaration at the place of registration or in the electronic account on the tax website. To do this, go to the section “for citizens” and “tax right to property and income.” Tax returns must be completed by May 1, 2023.

As GLOBAL HAPPENINGS wrote earlier, Ukrainians in 2023 must also pay taxes on their property. We are talking about apartments with an area of ​​​​60 “squares” and houses from 120 square meters. m.

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